Instructions on how to play basic golf with 3 key golf techniques

Instructions on how to play basic golf with 3 key golf techniques

For sports in general and golf in particular, the basic techniques always play a very important role to shape the golfing style of a golfer. Having a good basic golf technical background will help players easily access more advanced techniques, so let's take to learn the most basic golfing techniques in this article.

Basic golf technique: how to hold a golf club

To get accurate shots, players need to hold the golf club properly. First, you must start by placing the stick on the fingers of your left hand, your hand should naturally wrap around the handle, and the thumb and forefinger form a V-shape. A V-shape is in line with the left shoulder, the logo printed on the stick and clubface - your right hand is the same but on the opposite side.


When you're done holding the stick, you should check the following: hold the stick naturally, the V-shape is held by two hands so the tip is pointed straight down the stick, when you look down on the left hand. You will see 2 joints of the fingers emerging; your grip is just enough force to control the stick. Holding the club properly will make it easier for you to rotate the clubface perpendicular to the ball and hit the ball correctly. After the technique of holding the stick will be the swing golf technique - the most important shot of golf and gives the player the most excitement.

Basic golf technique: swing with driver sticks

Instructions on how to place the ball correctly: place the ball on the tee; adjust the ball on the top of the club.

Preparing posture: Place the ball opposite the big toe of your left foot, the leg is wide enough, your upper body is tilted towards the back of the ball to form a line with the left foot, you need to place the ball on the tee and good Mostly, feel like you're trying to fly it straight to the sky.

Stopping: to get a strong driver stroke, move the weight back to the leg after putting the stick higher, the hips and shoulders lift the rotation of the club you see the weight put on the right leg.

Lowering (downswing): the process of accumulating energy and using power for the shot, put your weight from your right foot to your left heel so you can move your hips while keeping your head in position. It is very important to have a precise driver stroke, when the weight is put on the left foot and the right elbow touches the hip, it is the time to put all the energy stored. Avoid swinging the club too soon until your elbow touches your hips, which saves you a lot of energy.

Polishing: The shot is almost entirely released, when touching the ball, pay attention to keep your head back to make sure your shot is up and away. Once you've kept the right angle and you can exert all of your reserve energy when lowering the club, you will have a precise driver stroke.

Imagine our swing is like the rotation of a Compass. The head and the spine and the straight pillar, the handle and the hip rotate into a rotation of Compass, if you do so, you have a perfect Swing.

Basic golf method: Putting technique (Putting)

This is the final step to put the ball into the hole, ending a hole. Now the ball is right in front of the hole, but implementing this technique is still not simple. Before putting the ball, you always have to turn behind the ball to see what your putting ball will look like, turn your face to the right of the pit and look back toward the ball, when putting the ball from above. You will see the ball path you hit more clearly. When putting the ball from the bottom up you closely observe the area around the rolling ball, it will give you a complete and thorough look in the putts on an inclined surface.

Factors for good putting: place the ball on the horizontal line from the edge of the left foot, the rear of the putter is straight against the ground. Slowly bring the club back and put it straight behind the ball, then you put the club gently and lift up so the ball can roll evenly and slowly. Keep the tip of the stick the ground as it runs across the outer edge of the left leg. You should keep your balance and gently hit the ball when putting the ball and roll the ball into the hole.