Two Vietnamese hotels recognized as best in the world

Sofitel Legend Metropole and Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai received the highest score, 5 stars, in the Forbes Travel Guide 2024 hotel award scale.

US travel guide Forbes Travel Guide announced the list of the world's leading hotels in 2024 at the Star Awards ceremony in February. Vietnam has 2 representatives mentioned. Two hotels are rated 5 stars and three other accommodation establishments are rated 5 stars.

The 5-star rating is Forbes Travel Guide's highest ranking for hotels that are "truly excellent, iconic, with classy service and state-of-the-art amenities." More than 200 hotels and resorts around the world are rated 5 stars, including two Vietnamese representatives, Sofitel Legend Metropole (Hanoi) and Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai (Quang Nam). In 2023, these two resorts will also achieve 5 stars, according to the criteria of this award. 

Inside the Metropole Hanoi hotel. Photo: Heritage Wing

Commenting on the representative from Hanoi, the award-giving unit said this is an "extremely beautiful hotel, imbued with a century of history and bringing nostalgic experiences to visitors". The resort in Quang Nam is considered an "idyllic retreat on a pristine white sand beach" for tourists who want to escape the bustle of the coastal city of Da Nang.

Three other hotels in Vietnam rated 4 stars are InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort (Da Nang), Park Hyatt Saigon and The Reverie Saigon (HCMC). In 2023, these three accommodation facilities will also be honored in the 4-star category.

Compared to Southeast Asia, Vietnam ranks 4th in the number of 5-star hotels, after Indonesia (4 hotels), Singapore (4 hotels), and Thailand (3 hotels).

To be awarded, candidates must pass 900 criteria set by the organizing committee. For the hotel category, criteria include layout that helps guests improve sleep quality and choose healthy food and drinks. Employee attitude and customer experience are also mandatory conditions. The total score for ranking an accommodation facility is 70% based on service, 30% depends on quality and condition of facilities. A 5-star rating is the highest, followed by a 4-star rating. There are no lower rankings. 

Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai Hotel. Photo: Forbes travel guide

Experts from more than 80 countries secretly booked rooms and stayed two nights like normal tourists in 2023 to evaluate and vote on destinations. Hotels receiving awards represent only 20% of the total number of evaluated accommodation establishments

This annual award has been around since 1958 to honor hotels, restaurants, spas, and yachts in more than 80 countries around the world. Forbes Travel is also the founder of the Five Star rating system for the hotel industry and is considered one of the most prestigious rating systems in the world.