5 Steps Of Putting Golf Techniques That Golfer Cannot Ignore

5 Steps Of Putting Golf Techniques That Golfer Cannot Ignore

The putting technique is one of the most important techniques of golf, whether a professional golfer or a beginner, it is necessary to learn and master this technique. This is the finishing shots of the match, golf round affecting the overall outcome of the match.

1. Choose a stick to easily put putting golf

Putter sticks are currently available on the market for many types, but for beginners, golfers will not know how to choose a suitable putter for themselves. Currently putter sticks are included in two common styles as follows: Flat type (popular type of S. Cameron) and target line (Odyssey two balls). The flat putter is preferred by most golfers because it gives the impression of putting the ball to be more realistic and sleek: However, if you are new to golf, you should choose the type of target line that is present so you can easily visualize the trajectory of the putter when putting "putting golf". After you have done better, you can rely on your feelings, then you can choose to use a flat stick.

2. How to hold the stick based on the putting golf technique

Firstly, you stand in a basic preparation position, placing the ball in such a way that the view from the eyes is perpendicular, your legs spread out wide, focusing on the left foot (for the right-handed person), then you hold the stick so that both hands are on the flat surface of the stick, 2 thumbs next to each other. To make your wrists less flexible, you need to move your shoulders more. Because if you use your wrist too much, the rhythm when making putting is difficult to stabilize, the ball will deviate from the direction of vision. If the shoulders are flexibly moved, putting putting golf is more effective and the ball will be put into the hole more accurately.

3. Posture of putting putting golf

For a standard posture: holding the stick with little change, the body direction is parallel to the direction of play. It is important to keep your head in position against the ball, focusing slightly on the toes so that your shoulders are not too high.
In order to have a good technique you need to keep the original square clubface with the stroke direction, reducing the hand involvement. Use multiple shoulders, arms and chest to adjust the putter with the upper body. In addition, you need to hold the club loose to be able to put the club evenly and steadily, the speed of putting the club up is equal to half the speed of putting the club down.

4. Read green and putting positions

You need to learn to read the green by watching the path of the ball. You should quickly glance at the position of the ball and the hole to make sure there are no obstacles to obstruct the putting stroke, look around to feel the position of the putting ball. The important things you must consider are the distance between the ball and the hole. Next you need to focus and drive the ball and control the hair level. Face on the ball: To check the eye point, you should stand in the usual preparation position, then drop the ball from the eye. You should pay attention to the intersection of the ball and the eye.

5. Balancing the putting ball

Whether you are putting putting golf to stand or arcing, you must have a balance to swing the golf club in the direction of the ball. The stroke is considered to be balanced when the club is swinged backwards and forwards can control the club. Controlling the length of the stroke before and after the shot to stabilize is the key to a good golf putting.

Note: Do not put the ball with your wrist. This will greatly affect the direction and speed of the ball, the ball will go in the wrong direction and move away from or near the hole without being able to enter the hole. Affect the outcome of the match. In addition, you need to pay attention to the handle and preparation is extremely important.

To ensure that you have to try to keep your hand in such a position from the beginning to the end of the putting stroke, your shoulders may move slightly forward or backward, but your wrist when setting up the ball must be exactly the same. After this article, we hope golfers have mastered the most basic golf putt technique and can do it well. I wish you more and more success on your journey to conquer the golf sport